About theshow

A Theatrical Concert with Blindfolded Eyes!

Hemingway's timeless creation,

presented in a unique and diverse manner.



Actors, a choir, texts and live music harmoniously surround and envelope the audience, inviting them to depart, with the help of their imagination, on a thrilling sea voyage. A dramatic experience in which the senses sweep you into the world of an old man on his life's greatest journey.   

A captivating story about an old Cuban fisherman and his supreme ordeal. A relentless, agonizing battle with a giant Marlin, far out in the ocean. An intimate yet tremendous story about love, friendship, struggle, capture and release ...

"An amazing and fascinating performance!"

"I discovered that with blindfolded eyes you can actually visualize more"

"Worth traveling to Eilat just to experience this "!

Author:                                    Ernest Hemingway

Production and Direction:       Shay Pitowsky

Music:                                      Alberto Schwartz

Dramatization:                         Shachar Pinkas

"The Old Man" :                      Yoram Yospesberg

Cast and Singers:                  Naama Armon, Kai Avital, Ronit Dabauwi, Boaz Dan, Lior Ehrlich ,Shacky Vinokor, Dana Yitzhak

Cello:                                       Noya Cohen


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